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    Things I did today … Going for a run before breakfast, hopping onto the train to Hamburg in order to finally get rid of the money I had saved by putting 1 € per km run into my piggy bank until I had reached 1000 € (contents of the bags will be shown tomorrow), enjoying Starbucks (we don’t have one up here *lesigh* - but that will no longer be my problem next year!) …

    Oh, and I pre-registered for Berlin 2013! Which was so, so, so crazy!!!! I had intended to do it some time today but had set a reminder for 12.00 pm on my phone (when the registration opened) so that I don’t forget it. Since I was still on the train at that time and had nothing to do I did the registration right away. Good idea! I was able to get in with the first wave (aka the first 10.000) for the lowest fee possible. When I looked at the page again 10 minutes later the registration for the second wave (10.001-25.000) had already started and by now all places are gone. Phew! Looking forward to it and feeling sick at the same time currently!

    So who else was able to secure a place?!

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    1. heygetsome said: I saw how quickly it filled up! I did it this year so probably a few more years before I’m back. So much fun!
    2. intravenous-irn-bru said: I can’t read German, but I guess Mari is telling you we didn’t make it. Good luck for you though!
    3. wunderkindchen said: Wow, ich kanns gar nicht warten Dior beim Training zu folgen. Ich habs kurz überlegt, aber als ichs probiert hab warens schon 110€ gebühr und das ist zzt nicht über. Aber ich freu mich (& bin aufgeregt) für Dich!
    4. talesfromthetoadelf said: exciting! can’t wait to see what is in the bags! :) xxx
    5. gotta-have-faith said: :( can I come back now? I want a karstadt!
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